Canberra’s first Festival of Democracy

Are you concerned that our democracy is not working well?

Imagine a better way — imagine your role in democracy

First steps to a citizen-led future

DemFest16 Awakening Democracy — is happening on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 June at the Ann Harding Conference Centre, University of Canberra

Please come along and bring a friend!

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What is CAPaD for?

The Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy (CAPaD) seeks to improve the democratic process by

  • developing and supporting citizen, community and civil society engagement in public decision-making
  • empowering Canberrans to engage in owning and planning for our common future and the common good
  • facilitating opportunities for citizen input to government deliberations
  • developing citizens’ capacity to hold governments and policy makers more directly accountable.

To do this CAPaD will bring together individuals and civil society groups from across the Canberra region.
Similar bodies have been developed, or are forming around the world and in Australia, such as the Sydney Alliance.

Next Events

DemFest: Festival of Democracy, 18–19 June

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Time to Awaken Democracy!

Canberra’s first Festival of Democracy will help participants understand power as a concept and how it operates, improve the legitimacy and accountability of elected representatives, and how people actually make change happen.

It will be held in the Ann Harding Conference Centre at the University of Canberra.

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