State of Play

The ACT Elections are done and the final results are now in.

You can download here a file that lists all of the newly elected and re-elected MLA’s with the statements that 14 of them made for our website during the election campaign. There are 12 newcomers to the Assembly and for the first time there will be more women than men in the Assembly.

CAPaD hopes to work closely with all of the MLA’s to make participatory democracy a reality in the ACT.

Next Events

Media Release: Charter of Democratic Commitment to be the “New Normal”?

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One feature of this election which could become the “new normal” is the development of Candidate Statements, which include the candidate’s agreement to or modification of a Charter of Democratic Commitment. Altogether, 62 of the 141 candidates completed a statement and of those who did so, 23% were elected compared with 14% of those who did not.

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Invitation: meeting to build cooperation 24 October

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How can diverse organisations in Canberra work together to improve the way our democracy is working?

Purpose: To seek input from existing and potential organisational members of CAPaD on what CAPaD has done in the past twelve months and the potential role that groups could play together in the coming 12 months.

Documentation: Download here

Time: Monday 24 October from 12 midday to 1.30 pm

Place: ACTCOSS Meeting Room, Weston Community Hub, 1/6 Gritten Street, Weston ACT 2611.

Easy parking available. Click here for map